League Rules

UA Optimist Basketball Rules of Play

Revised 12/14/2009

To be eligible, a player must be enrolled in grades 4-12 and be Upper Arlington residents. Only players assigned to a team by the Optimist Club will be eligible to participate for that team. No trades/additions will be allowed unless approved by the League Commissioners.
All players must wear an Optimist Jersey with a number. No street shoes allowed nor jewelry.
The time and location of team practices are limited to those scheduled by the Optimist Club. If a practice facility is unavailable due to a snow day, etc., the practice will not be rescheduled.
A team will be required to forfeit if they have fewer than 5 players at the start of a game as determined by officials.
No one shall be allowed on the court during the course of a game except the players and the officials. The one exception will be in the event of injury.
All games will be played under the rules governing Ohio High School Basketball games: with the following exceptions:

A game will consist of 8 periods of 5 minutes each. A 5-minute intermission will be between the 4th & 5th periods and a 1 minute break between all other periods. The clock will run continuously except for time-outs, intermissions between periods and all dead balls during the 8th period of the game.

Each team will be permitted two time-outs per game including any overtimes.

With the exception of disqualification, injury or overtime games, no substitutions are allowed. The injured player is charged for the time played and may return at any time.

Teams in the Boys 8th-9th and Boys 10th-12th grade leagues may play a zone defense at any time. All others must play man-to-man only. Each player must guard an offensive player. The defensive players should be within 3 feet of the offensive player at all times with the exception of when an offensive player is in the “paint” with the ball, then defensive players may double team the player in the paint. Two infractions of double-teaming will result in a technical foul on the second call.

Flagrant fouls, fighting, verbal assault by players or coaches may, at the discretion of the officials, result in ejection. The first ejection will result in a one game suspension and the second will result in disqualification for the season, including tournament games.

Full court defenses are prohibited in the 4th and 5th grade leagues at all times. The 6th and 7th grade leagues will be allowed to use a man full court press only in the 7th and 8thperiods and overtimes. The 8th-12th grade leagues may employ full court trapping presses at any time.

Overtimes will consist of 3 minute periods and as many as needed to determine a winner. The clock will stop at all dead balls during the overtime periods.

The 8th thru 12th grade leagues will use a regulation-sized basketball and all other leagues will use a 28.5 sized ball.

All participants from each team, if present at the opening tip-off, shall play the appropriate number of periods indicated below: 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS          MAXIMUM PERIODS                                    MINIMUM PERIODS
                 10                            All 10 players with 4 periods each                 All 10 players with 4 periods each
                   9                            4 players with 5 periods each                        5 players with 4 periods each
                   8                            All players with 5 periods each                      All players with 5 periods each
                   7                            5 players with 6 periods each                        2 players with 5 periods each
                   6                            4 players with 7 periods each                        2 players with 6 periods each
                   5                            All players with 8 periods each                      All players with 8 periods each ________________________________________________________________________________________
OFFICIAL REFEREES are in complete control of the game. Their decisions on judgment calls are final. Rule interpretations may be discussed at the official’s discretion, during time-outs, at half time or preferably after the game. There will be no game protest but League Commissioners should be made aware of any disagreements between coaches and officials.
COACHES are responsible for the conduct of his or her players, friends, family and assistant coaches. Failure to control any of the above could result in technical fouls, ejections or forfeit at discretion of game officials.
SCOREKEEPERS will keep the game clock and inform the referee of the end of each period. The Scorekeeper will also keep the scorebook by recording all time outs, personal fouls, keeping the running score, determining alternative possessions, inform the referees of bonus situations, notify referees when players have five personal fouls and are thus disqualified for the rest of the game, and be the final voice on whether coaches have complied with equal participation rules.