Coaches' Duties
UA Optimist Basketball Coaches' Duties and Responsibilities
Each Head Coach will receive a team roster, a schedule for practices and games, and will be assigned a team name.  The Coach should contact each player as soon as possible after the coaches’ general orientation meeting and let each player know -- at a minimum -- when and where the first practice will occur.  We recommend coaches use e-mail as much as possible to communicate with his or her team – particularly since practice days, locations and times typically change from week to week.

All Coaches should understand and adhere to the following objectives for the Upper Arlington Optimist Basketball Program:
o  Players should enjoy and look forward to practices and games
o  Practices and games should take place in a safe and secure environment
o  Players should learn and develop basketball skills
o  Players and coaches should learn and develop life skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship 
The Head Coach may recruit Assistant Coaches as needed.  The Head Coach or a designated substitute must be present for each practice and game.  Please do not let players run practices or play games unsupervised.  If a coach cannot be present, it may be necessary to cancel a practice. 
Please ensure that players are not roaming school halls before, during or after practices.  Custodial staff frowns upon dribbling balls in the halls or against the walls.  Please monitor the players and respect the school grounds and staff.  In addition, Coaches should ensure that players have transportation and should not leave players at the school until they have been picked up. 
While the Optimist Basketball Program encourages youth coaching involvement, it is important that Student Coaches accept the authority and monitor player behavior while the teams are present on school property.  The Upper Arlington Optimist Club has a long-standing, positive relationship with the UA School District and this is very important to maintain. 
Each Coach is encouraged to read and learn the rules for the Optimist Basketball Program.  The program has adopted several special rules to ensure opportunity, participation and safety for all players.  Several “convenience rules” which limit substitutions and time-outs and are designed to keep games on schedule.  All games will be officiated by referees trained by the Buckeye Officials Association at The Ohio State University.  The referees are in charge of on-court decisions.  Please extend all courtesies and understanding to the referees.  It is quite possible, as coach, you will disagree with a call or non-call during the season.  It is part of the game at all levels of competitive sports.  However, remember, as coach you represent your team, the program and our community.  Sportsmanship should be the priority.   
Players are arbitrarily assigned to teams, equally distributed according to height and grade level, but with no knowledge of a player’s basketball skill.  Coaches are encouraged work with players to identify and improve existing skills so that all players can contribute to the team effort.  The beauty of basketball is that not every body needs to be a star, and everyone can contribute to team play.
Each Coach should have a contingency plan should there be an unplanned change to the practice schedule.  The League will notify the Coach as soon as possible of a known change, but invariably things happen.  Coaches can have a chalk talk practice available if gym space is lost at the last minute.  In such situations, Coaches should cooperate and share available space if possible.  If a schedule change does occur, and please notify your League Commissioner.  Also, again, please be courteous to the custodial staff.
Coaches should strictly adhere to the scheduled practice times, and end practices on time.  Running over even a few minutes is discourteous to the coach or organization scheduled to use the gym space next.  The Optimist Basketball Program suggests teams gather outside the gym 5 minutes prior to scheduled practices to go over plans and schedules and enter the gym at the designated time.  As for games, the League suggests players be asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to game time (note on picture day, teams will be asked to arrive at least 30 minutes early).  However on game day, overtime does occur.  The program will do its best to maintain the schedule.  During pre-game warm up the Coach should check in and provide the scorekeepers table with a list of players’ numbers who are participating in the day’s game.  Also, prior to practices and games, please keep all players off the court, huddles around doors and under the baskets creates safety problems and confusion.  Please use common courtesy as the standard.
Roster additions to a team may occur even into the game schedule upon assignment by the League Commissioner.  Any potential players interested in joining the league should be referred to the League Commissioner or Optimist Program to complete necessary paperwork and assignment.
Should an issue occur requiring a disciplinary action, the Coach, League Commissioner and Optimist Basketball Program Commissioner will meet to resolve the issue.  Decisions of the Commissioners will be final.
Again, thank you for your participation.  The Optimist Club realizes the time and effort it takes to manage a team.  We could not run the Optimist Basketball Program without volunteers like you.  Your efforts can and will have a positive effects on the UA youth.
The Upper Arlington Optimist Club