Scorekeepers Duties

UA Optimist Basketball Scorekeepers Duties and Responsibilities

Revised 01/2010

All applicants must attend the Scorekeeper’s Training Meeting prior to the first game.  Familiarity with the game of basketball is helpful, but not required.  Attention to detail is required.
The UA Optimist Basketball League will assign a Scorekeeper for every scheduled game.  All regular season games will be played on Saturdays.
Summary of Scorekeepers’ Duties:
o  Arrive at the scheduled gym at least ten minutes prior to game time. 
o  Ensure electronic scoreboard console unit is set up, tested and operating properly.  Enter the appropriate code, if necessary.  The custodians can assist with set up.
o  Set up the Score Book by entering team names and player numbers.

During the game, the Scorekeeper must:
o  Operate the electronic scoreboard, keeping track of the game score and operating the clock as appropriate.  The clock runs continuously, except for timeouts during the first 7 periods.  For the final (8th) period, and any overtime periods, the clock stops for all dead balls.
o  Track player participation, personal fouls, team fouls and timeouts
o  Maintain the possession arrow per the referee’s calls
o  Monitor time between periods (1 minute) and halftime (3-5 minutes)
o  Sound the horn to consult the referees on any issues

If an assigned Scorekeeper cannot work his/her shift, s/he must find a replacement and inform the Optimist Basketball Program Commissioner of any such change. 

The home team wears gold jerseys and the visiting team wears black jerseys.  Consult the master schedule in the notebook if there is a question on jersey color.  Record the correct team name and the jersey color in the scorebook.  Please keep the games on schedule. 
In case of a question, a copy of the Optimist Basketball game rules is located in the scorebook.  Also, the League Commissioner or a member of the Optimist Club will be available at most games for consultation.  All on-court decisions are to be handled by the referees.
As a courtesy, the Scorekeeper should notify the team Coach when a player receives his or her 3rd or 4th personal fouls or the number of remaining timeouts that a team has.  Please remember to be courteous to coaches, players and referees.
Scorekeepers may select cash payment or service hours.  The selection must be made prior to the season.  Payment will be made by the League Commissioner or his/her designee.  Verification of service hours will be handled by the Commissioner after the season.
Thank you for your participation.  This is an important part of the Optimist Basketball Program and we appreciate your good work.