Oratorical Contest

Oratorical Contest

2019 Topic:  "Is There a Fine Line Between Optimism and Reality?"

Contest Rules:  http://optimist.org/e/member/scholarships4.cfm


2018 Winners - Nathan Narcelles and Alana Sayat

2017 Winner - Ryan Huntley, Hastings MS

2016 Winners - Annabelle Pan, UAHS and Defne Ceyhan, Hastings MS

2015 Winners - Jenny Jiao, UAHS, Nicholas Amore, UAHS and Dylan Carlson, Hastings MS

2014 Winners - Sophia Fisher, UAHS; Dylan Carlson and Madison Olvey, Hastings MS

2013 Winners - Ziyue Wang, UAHS; Zanovia Criss, Hastings MS

2012 Winners - Megan Fisher, UAHS; Nick Amore, Hastings MS

2011 Winners - George Beck, UAHS; Elizabeth Yutzey, UAHS

2010 Winners - Joe Huddle, Hastings MS; Julia Crone, Hastings MS

In 2015, Nicholas Amore also won the Ohio District Oratorical Contest!
In 2011, George Beck also won the Ohio District Oratorical Contest!


Miss Ohio congratulates George Beck at the 2011 District competition

2011 Oratorical Contest
1st Place Male- George Beck
1st Place Female- Elizabeth Yutzey
Also pictured:  Megan Fisher, Nick Amore, C.J. Ha

2010 Oratorical Contest