Exemplary Character

Upper Arlington Optimist Club Exemplary Character Scholarship

The Club offers a $1,000 scholarship to an Upper Arlington student of exceptional character.  Nominations are due on March 15, 2019.  The winner(s) will be announced at the Club's annual banquet on Monday, May 6.

"Exemplary Character" can encompass many attributes.  Nominators are encouraged to focus on one or two attributes that make this person a unique example to others, such as perseverance, courage, selfless service to others, optimism in the face of a challenge, humility, a positive attitude, etc.

Examples may include a student who has overcome a significant obstacle or challenge such as illness, disability, death of a family member while maintaining a positive attitude; a student who champions a worthwhile cause; a student who inspires others; a student who has selflessly served others with humility and no motive for reward.

The nomination should be accompanied by a cover page which includes the following information:

Nominee's Name, Address, School, Grade

Nominator's Name, Address, Phone

The judging committee wil review all applications and select five nominees for further due diligence.  The committee will then select three nominees for interviews, and then determine a winner.

Nominations should be submitted to:

Ove Fladberg
3047 Wareham Road
Upper Arlington Ohio 43221

Upper Arlington Optimists Exemplary Character Scholarship

“Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think."
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

The Upper Arlington Optimist Club offers a $2,000 scholarship to an Upper Arlington resident of exceptional character. Any UA high school student is eligible. Nominations are accepted throughout the year,  but the nomination deadline is March 15 of each year and a scholarship, if one is awarded, will be announced by May 6. The UA Optimist Club reserves the right to award the scholarship to more than one recipient and to split the scholarship among the recipients. Nomination forms are available on the UA Optimist website and should be returned to Ove Fladberg, UA Optimists, 3047 Wareham Rd, Columbus, Ohio, 43221. Nominators should expect a phone call or interview by a member of the selection committee. Selection Criteria: This scholarship is intended to recognize a student of exceptional character. A person’s character can encompass many attributes. The scholarship criteria and examples stated below are not meant to be an exclusive list. However, this scholarship is not intended to reward academic excellence, athleticism or team leadership that is often rewarded elsewhere. Rather, nominators are encouraged to focus on one or two attributes of the student, or actions of that student, that make this person a unique example to others. Such attributes may include: Positive attitude Optimism in the face of a challenge, problem or life circumstance. Selfless service to another person (Service beyond any school curriculum requirement and beyond that required to achieve a civic organization’s rank or reward). Perseverance Courage Humility with self-confidence Examples: A student who has overcome a significant obstacle or challenge in his or her life, such as an illness, disability or the death of parent, sibling or a close friend, while maintaining a positive attitude toward life. A person who champions a worthwhile but unpopular cause, or befriends another student who is unpopular with peers. A student who inspires others by his or her example. A person who has selflessly served another individual or organization with humility and no motive of reward. The attributes and examples above are not exclusive. The nominator is in the best position to describe why a student is an inspiration to others. Please describe the student’s attitudes, attributes and actions that make your nominee exceptional.


NOMINEE: Student Name: _____________________________________
School: ______________________________    Grade Level: _________
Address: __________________________________________________ ______________________________________
Phone (if known) ___________________________________
NOMINATOR: Name: _______________________________________ Relationship to Student: __________
Address: ______________________________________ ______________________________________
Phone: ______________________________________

On a separate page, please describe what makes this youth exceptional and an example to other youth. Please describe the youth’s character, attributes, attitudes and actions. Attach the page to this nomination form.

Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: ____________

Return form to: Ove Fladberg, 3047 Wareham Rd, Columbus OH 43221